What's Funeral Quest?

A Funeral Parlor simulator with dark humor- I honestly thought it was dead.

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Let's Play!

Before you click the shiny play now button I want to make some things very clear.

FQ is old. It was created in 2001. The server was not written with security in mind. I can see EVERYTHING you do, so please be careful not give out sensitive information. This includes your password- please make it something different than you would normally use!

FQ is all flash based. Which means you need to have a way to play flash games in your browser. As of 11/5/2021 Ruffle does not work. Until it does work, please follow the below as it is the easiest method I've found.

Download Basilisk with FLASH

Play Now!
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More Information

It took 3 days of almost non-stop finagling to get this running in the cloud

Funeral Quest was built to be an all in one HTTP server that ran as a Windows EXE on a Windows computer.

What I've done is host this on an Oracle Ubuntu Cloud Server using Gnome as a GUI. Then I installed WINE to run the FuneralQuest server EXE. Then I found the one port that the Wineserver could communicate out of and that's what you're playing on.

This is not over HTTPS, so you may have to enable unsecured connections.

External Links

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