The Joys of Being Devoured

I watched as her smile slithered away from her lips,
And fell upon the ground with the softness of her skin,
It moved towards me and I hadn't the fear I assumed I would obtain.

I should have been afraid of it,
Yet it began at my toes,
It tickled at first,
Making me smile my own silly grin,
Then it began to hurt,
But my smile didn't slither,
Nor did it dissipate.

I enjoyed the pain from her slithering smile,
It nibbled at my feet and began to devour my entire soul.
I welcomed it with open arms,
I enjoyed the sensation of being swallowed,
I gagged on her good looks and charms,
And dreamt of her tawny tresses and vivid corneas.
To be consumed with such a fever,
Was the greatest thing I had ever felt.
To be alone with such an ache,
I knew I'd never be the same.

Yet she continued to tear into my flesh,
She hadn't a clue what she was doing,
But the wounds wouldn't go away,
I never loved an open sore with such passion.
I longed for just one taste of those swollen lips,
Just one chance to kiss upon her nape of ivory,
But her smile kept on shredding my skin with the same pace.
It revealed my muscles, showing my beating heart,
It tore through my fibers and exposed my bones,
It broke my bones apart and everything I was became apparent.

Her slithering smile had permeated my deepest interior,
For once in my life,
I had a pang in my lung,
I had a flush in my cheeks,
I had the sweat of a child.

At that moment,
I was enamored with everything.


A poem of unrequited love- written in high school.