Oh Hey There

Thank you for visiting my humble page, I know you have interns to look at this kind of stuff for you, so I'm honored you've came here. I have the answer to all of your problems!

I Understand

So you have lots of money- like more than you could ever spend in your lifetime right? You keep donating to the same old charities but they still haven't cured cancer.

money to burn

You didn't become rich because you wanted to hoard money right? No- you became rich because you wanted to be an agent of change! To make the world a better place! Everybody knows that. But now I have the answer to your problem- how can I show people that I am one of the good rich people?

First off you should know about debt. I know you probably don't know this- but poor people usually have to use things like credit cards to purchase basic necessities that they can't afford. They sometimes need to take out loans just to go the hospital and often cannot pay their student loans. Millenials were promised by their parents that the only way to get a good job was to take on loads of debt and now Boomers won't retire because they ruined the American Dream for everyone else.

Anyways, here's where YOU come in my benevolent benefactor!

Doing The Most Good

What happens when poor people can't pay their debt? Debt collectors usually end up selling their debt to some other debt collector. So let's say someone owes $10,000 dollars- the original debt collector can sell this debt for $5,000, making half the amount back. The collector that bought the debt has the potential to double their money. Sometimes debt is even sold as low as 10% of the cost of the original debt.

Now imagine that you as a rich person could buy people's debt- you can't usually just buy individual debts, but you can buy large portfolios of debt for thousands of dollars.

So here's what you do:

1. Set up a debt collection firm

2. Buy large swathes of debt for pennies on the dollar

3. Forgive the debt that you bought- basically freeing poor people from their debt at barely any expense to you!

4. Make sure to send those folks mail so they know who to thank and give the credit to- YOU!

Think of how much good you can do for barely any work on your end- people will think you are just great.

What You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

So, if you are rich and want to start helping somebody being crushed by debt today- why not start with your humble webdaemon?
That's right! I'm being crushed by debt. I have about $75,000 dollars of debt!

Click the 'Pay My Debt' button to donate money to me to pay my debt my lovely rich benefactor!

The Problem With Debt

Some people feel like they shouldn't talk about debt or that it's a moral failing that they have debt at all.

OF COURSE NOT. Now if you keep going in to debt because you have a gambling problem, well yeah you've made some poor choices, but people go into debt every single day to purchase basic necessities like food and groceries or even just pay to keep the lights on. It's a struggle.

According to the New York Federal Reserve, Consumer debt in the US grew to 15.4 trillion dollars in the third quarter of 2021.

Individual debt keeps growing as families struggle to find more ways to pay for basic necessities- all the while as Capitalists continue to tell us that the economy needs to keep growing as wallets get thinner and thinner.

Something has got to give