I'm leaving the corporate web behind

Ready to break free from Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?

With the recent news about how Facebook knew how toxic Instagram was for young teens... there's never been a better time to leave!

Depending on how old you are, you might remember the early days of the web... where everybody had their own spaces on the internet... there was no Facebook or Algorithms... What happened to that? Why did we abandon the personal web? Why did all of our content become... so tiny? Why is the content so fleeting now?

Competition- corporations want you to stay on their social media sites so they can continue to make money off of you.

Their algorithms keep us angry

Their algorithms hook us into wanting likes and comments and followers

What if you could just make your own website... with your own rules... your own aesthetics... your way?

Curious? Continue down to learn how you can leave it all behind too!

This site was created for free on Neocities!

Neocities is a play on Geocities, which you may remember from back in the day as a place for people to create their own space on the web. It was hosted by Yahoo! Neocities is personal web for a new age. You can follow other sites and comment on their pages... but it's so much more than that.

This site was handcrafted by me... everything you see was made or chosen by me. It's truly my own space!

Why would someone make content without engagement? Why create without people watching? That's what artists have been doing for most of human history... making things without worrying about their audience. I'm sick of worrying about how many upvotes my music gets...

Here it's my world! I get to set the rules, I get to set the colors... Do I want a blog about my pets? Maybe a recipes section? It's whatever I want and it's all mine!

These websites are made using HTML/CSS. These are the building blocks of the internet and they aren't as scary as they sound! There are so many resources for you!

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    There's never been a better time to leave!